1. 基本的な方針

2. 利用目的の明示について

3. 第三者への提供について

4. 個人情報の管理について

5. 個人情報の訂正や削除について

6. 個人情報の業務委託について



I will introduce the basic policy on the handling of personal information as a World Apart limited company.

1. Basic Principles
Your personal information, is very important even We, therefore. In accordance with laws and regulations personal information was Courtesy of our customers, our company will treat with the utmost care. In addition, because it does not generate the leakage loss, unauthorized access, personal information to personal information to provide the strict management. (Note that, as referred to herein, “personal information”, name, age, sex, date of birth, occupation, address, and email address, by the combination of one or more, and with that of information that can be identified and personally identifiable .)

2. About the express purpose
Duties relating to music production.
Management of music copyright management and development of the label management talent.
Planning production of the master, such as compact disc music tape video tape.
Planning and selling various special events, production, radio operation, planning of commercial film of them,
as well as television production.

3. Provision to third parties
As long as there is no consent of the customer, the Company will not be provided to third parties the personal information collected. However, if you are prompted for a disclosure from the public agency or court case, the police station, etc. you are required to disclose by law, you may want to disclose or provide personal information without the consent of the customer.

4. For the management of personal information
The Company will properly managed, strictly your personal information. In addition, so that the loss or leakage unauthorized access, personal information to personal information does not occur, it will be carried out strict security measures.
The continuously review matters necessary for the management and protection of personal information and strive to improve them.

5. For Correction or deletion of personal information
Personal information of your own, if you would like change, correct, or delete, if you can connect to the contact you are instructed individually, our customers will be happy to respond appropriately.

6. About the outsourcing of personal information
If you want to outsource the business including personal information, we will make a consignment on it signed a confidentiality agreement with business contractors. Business contractors will assume that you hit to do the work was commissioned, and in accordance with the personal information protection and management policy of the Company to be treated with the greatest care the personal information.

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